Fail Forward #1
A Weekly Recap of POPULOUS MAP
We know that data tells stories, here’s ours.

This week:
Sunday, March 4, 2018
Written from:
Unceded Territory of the Qayqayt.
New Westminster, BC

Thought of the week: This week we became a community working towards a common goal. This morning at Lost + Found Cafe I saw our future. It was beautiful.
Feeling of the week: Excitement

Photo of the week:

“Data Entry at Lost + Found Cafe.”

1: Website Soft Launch
11: Timeline or history websites added in the “To Add” section
8 of 156*: Timelines Added
1: About statement written
1: Contribution Typeform made
0: New Typeform contributions
0: “Read More” sections added
1: Video recorded
0: Videos edited
0: Videos released
308: Data points formatted to be uploaded
528: Data points uploaded to map
2: New Filters
(Disability, Institution)
1: In progress Community Agreement
1: Blog post

1: Data Party
10: Volunteers
1: Debrief
46: Hours of shared work
0: Events lead by the Populous Community

Internal Outreach:
1: Hour speaking on phone with Knowledge Keepers
6: Hours spent working on projects that promote reciprocity
5: Hours spent writing “How we made Populous Map” document

External Outreach:
2: Hours spent responding to emails
2: Hours spent developing curriculum pieces
2: Coffee dates
1: Media pack developed
14: Names added to mailing list

1: Grant applied for
6: Hours writing grants
1: Patreon developed
27: Per month raised through Patreon

Field Work:
0: Field Work Trips
1: Field Work Trip Planned

Social Media:
16: New page likes on Facebook
269: Total Facebook Likes
All names reserved on core sites

*Always growing

Brian Eno Oblique Strategy Card: “Embrace the Flaws.